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The Raleigh Juneteenth Festival is a three-day event filled with inspiring and engaging activities, including a career fair, fashion show, workshops, and a networking brunch. Last year, our festival attracted over 1,000 attendees, and we expect an even larger turnout this year. Our event has been featured on WRAL and other news outlets and attended by Congresswoman Deborah Ross, as well as other city and county officials adding to its credibility and visibility. This year we will expand our outreach and increase visibility and attendance. By partnering with us, you will play an essential role in promoting empowerment and unity within our community, while also benefiting from the increased visibility and networking opportunities.

Juneteenth Sponsorship Tiers

The Sponsorship packages are as follows:

1. Bronze Sponsorship Package - $250

Logo placement on event marketing materials, website, and signage.

vendor booth at the event.

Acknowledgment during the opening and closing ceremonies.

2 VIP passes for the networking brunch.

2. Silver Sponsorship Package - $500

All Bronze Package benefits.

Naming rights to one of the

smaller event elements, such as the Kid’s Zone or the PhotoBooth.

Opportunity to host a 30-minute workshop during the event.

3 VIP passes for the networking brunch.

3. Gold Sponsorship Package - $1,000

All Silver Package benefits.

Naming rights to a more significant event element, such as

the Food Court, Fashion Show, or Workshop room.

Opportunity to host a 1-hour workshop during the event.

4 VIP passes for the networking brunch.

4. Platinum Sponsorship Package - $1,500

All Gold Package benefits.

Naming rights to a major event

element or area, such as the Main Stage, Networking

Brunch, or Outdoor Vendor Showcase.

Inclusion of a promotional item or brochure in the event swag bag.

5 VIP passes for the networking brunch.

5. Diamond Sponsorship Package - $3,000

All Platinum Package benefits.

Presenting Sponsor status: Your company name will be

included in the official event title (Raleigh Juneteenth Festival presented by [Your Company]).

Prominent logo placement on all marketing materials, website, and signage.

Speaking opportunity during the opening or closing ceremony.

6 VIP passes for the networking brunch.

Sponsorship Logo’s will be placed on the site along with a link to your website to drive traffic to your page!

Partner With US

Promote Your Brand in a Major Way

Partner with us in this year’s Festival. Bigger & Better

Other Ways to Support

Here are some non-monetary ways businesses can support the event:

  1. In-kind donations: Offer products or services that can be used during the event, such as food and beverages, event supplies, technical equipment, or marketing materials.

  2. Gift bag contributions: Provide items, such as promotional products, samples, or discount vouchers, to be included in gift bags for attendees, speakers, or VIP guests.

  3. Volunteer support: Encourage employees to volunteer their time and skills to help with event organization, setup, registration, or other tasks on the day of the event.

  4. Cross-promotion: Share information about the event on the business's social media platforms, website, or newsletter to help spread the word and attract more attendees.

  5. Expertise sharing: Offer to host a workshop, participate in a panel discussion, or provide professional advice to event attendees, sharing valuable knowledge and experience.

  6. Venue or equipment sponsorship: If the business has access to a suitable venue or equipment, offer to provide them for the event at no cost or at a reduced rate.

  7. Printing and design services: Offer to design and/or print event materials, such as banners, posters, flyers, or program booklets.

  8. Event photography or videography: Provide professional photography or videography services to capture the event's highlights and help promote future events.

  9. Media partnership: If the business has connections with local media, leverage those relationships to secure coverage or promotional opportunities for the event.

  10. Post-event support: Offer assistance with post-event tasks, such as data analysis, attendee follow-up, or social media engagement, to help measure the event's success and plan for future events.

By offering non-monetary support, businesses can contribute to the event's success in various ways, while also showcasing their commitment to the community and cause.

Regardless of the option you choose, you’d be making a contribution to an event geared towards the empowerment and enhancement of local underserved communities.

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